Prestiggio Font - With the very high contrast, graceful proportions, many alternate glyphs and ligature overload

Sweet Sucker Punch is a loud, proud and infectiously fun marker pen font which will shout your message from the rooftops.

FIlson Font - Works great applied to logos, prints, quotes, magazine headers and clothing.

Bloomsbury - A hand drawn typeface in 3 styles - Script, Sans & Serif

Ale Pro Font - a soft and clean ale that works great with practically any application that is thrown at it.

Gist from Yellow Design Studio is an inline slab serif with a retro yet modern vibe.

Bohema is a classic art deco typeface with a modern twist, the Bohema Font Family is a revival of the past with a modern look from the future.

Wayfarer - Hand Drawn Font with Vintage Feel and Lovely Glyphs.

Parlour - a display typeface inspired by Movember, Menswear Brands, Tattoo Shops & Barbers.

Bahn Pro FAMILY is a display font inspired by the old austrian bahn signs.

RNS Camelia it's a Demi–Slab Serif font with a strong personality and a geometric soul.

Argent font - Dashing and expressive, with an overstated x?height and evocative letter­forms. True italics and lots of character.

Fibon Sans - It is a balanced, low contrast, geometric, highly legible typeface very well suited for any display and text use.

BERLIN is a modern Sans Serif headline typeface inspired by some classic geometric typefaces that keep the minimalism at it's level best.

Venti is a geometric font family with a warm, readable character.

Corporative Soft is the slightly rounded-edged version of Corporative.

Quincy's warm, flowing letterforms, tall x-height and medium contrast provide a pleasant reading experience for longer passages. Quincy also doubles as a stately display font.

Nord is a capital letter font made for display use. The 4 styles can either stand alone or be used for effects by adding different colors to each stackable style.

Anaheim Gothic is a bold, geometric, sans serif display font inspired by and designed for vintage logo & packaging design.

Venice Serif font is suited for advertising, corporate design, packaging, editorial and branding.

The Halis Rounded Font Family from Ahmet Altun comes in eight weights.

Odudo font has very subtle rounded corners This typeface should make your project a little bit more friendly.

Univia Pro is a new contemporary OpenType font family with modernity and versatility in mind.

Monopoly is a modern, simple and clean monolinear sans-serif.

Texta, a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful Sans to compose all kind of texts.

The family consists of 20 weights, raging from Thin to Heavy with matching Italics. This font family is suited for everything, raging from advertising, packaging, editorial and branding, to web and screen projects.

Power Grid 2.0 - Inspired by 1920s constructivist posters, it's perfect for industrial and bold applications.

Graphique Pro Next Comp - This layered type family consists of 8 styles which can be combined in plenty of ways to create unique designs.

Booster Next FY, our friendly round sans-serif typeface, comes out with six new weights, from Thin to Black.

Introducing Merry Light - a new clean & lite typeface! So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding materials, business cards, quotes, posters, and more!

Oregon is a clean and simple vintage sans serif font, with smooth edges to simulate vintage printing. Perfect for vintage logo designs, headers and small amounts of text.

Showcase is a handmade font consisting of a set of types that are composed of four styles, one script, one sans, a slab, sans mini and finally a set of ornaments and dingbats.

Palm Canyon Drive is a monoline script inspired by retro matchbook covers, travel postcards, Tikki bars and Hollywood.

Nihlah - Script font with a lot of character.

Kulacino is a modern-retro display typeface that is inspired by oldtimes factory signage.

Naive Gothic is a fun, friendly, hand drawn, display typeface in open type format.

Avante is a font with a quirky, vintage feel.

NovaDeco is a display typeface perfect for beautiful and unique designs, is delicate and contemporary.

Selly is suited for any display use. It could easily work for web, signage, corporate as well as for editorial design.

Freestyle has a very unique style of calligraphy

Candlescript font has been designed with high details, precisely, smooth and flow, so it is perfect used as a logotype, custom typeface, tittle, header, or any kind of advertisements purpose.

Flamingo is handwritten modern script calligraphy font with numerous alternates.

Alehouse combo font is a font composed of one san-serif and one mono-line script type face.

All Caps Art Deco font with alternate characters in Upper and Lower Case glyphs, some nice ligatures to create interesting letter sets.

Tropen Font Family was designed carefully to create elegant works. It would be a perfect choice to design posters, affiches, logos, t-shirt and magazine prints, eye-pleasing typographic designs and more.

Waverly CF is a new font combining the voice of art deco with updated, clean letterforms.

Le Gourmet is a handmade font family consisting of 3 fonts made with ink and a brush. Le Gourmet & Le Gourmet Bouncy is an all caps font, but upper and lower case are different and you can easily interchange the glyphs.

Finding the perfect font family for a branding project can be a grueling task. Between identity, business and design considerations, you can…

Source: Creative Market Blog

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