Download 16 free holiday Christmas card PSD templates today!  Designed for photographers, graphic designers and anyone who wants to create Christmas cards this holiday season.  These 16 5×7 templates are high resolution PSD templates designed in Photoshop and for use in Photoshop.  They are designed using Smart Objects and free fonts so editing is super, super easy.  Simply update the photos and text how you see fit and then export them as compressionless JPEGS ready for printing!  Or export these as low resolution JPEGs for use on the web including on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and more!

Christmas Card Template Previews

44-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

43-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

42-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

41-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

40-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

39-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

38-Card-7x5 Christmas Card Template

15-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

14-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

13-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

11-Card-7x5 Christmas Card Template


9-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

5-Card-7x5 Christmas Card Template

3-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

2-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

1-Card-5x7 Christmas Card Template

Who are these Christmas Card Templates for?

Besides being designed for anyone who wants to create Christmas cards for themselves, these templates were designed with Photographers and Graphic Designers in mind… to be able to create Christmas card graphics fast.  Remember, these are also high resolution so they can be printed.

For Photographers

If you're a photographer you can use these templates to upsell your photography clients.  As an example, tell prospects you now include free Christmas card designs with all photo shoots.  Or you could market these templates as new products, ie. I can now design your Christmas cards!  The majority of the templates are photocentric, meaning the photo is the main centerpiece of the design.  Replace all the photos in these templates with your own and now you have a full portfolio of card designs to show your prospects!

Even though these templates are high resolution, you can export them as low resolution images perfect for the web.  Give a bonus gift to each of your clients by sending them shareable graphics perfect for sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Add your logo to each template graphic for free marketing!  Your photography clients are sure to share these these awesome graphics on their social media accounts.

For Graphic Designers

If you're a graphic designer you might be asked to design Christmas cards for your clients this season.  You can use these templates as is without any redesign or use them as a starting point to create new designs.  Save loads of time using these templates as a starting point or as a quick way to put up designs in your ecommerce store or portfolio.  All images and text are editable so its super easy to edit them.  Add your logo for further marketing.

How to Use

These Photoshop templates are super easy to use.  You should be able to edit and export any template within just a minute or two.  Simply click on any Smart Object and paste your photo in and click save.  The template is now updated with your photo!  All text is editable and uses freely available fonts hand selected for each template.  All fonts used are included in a text file showing where you can download them.  Each template is 250DPI perfect for printing.  They are to be sent to printers like Shutteryfly where you or your client can upload their own designs.  You could of course print them yourself too if you have the proper printer.  If you or your client doesn't want prints you could of course send them low-resolution graphics they can share on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Video How-to

How to Download

You can download all of these templates via that link.  The download zip file is around 250MB in size because these are high-resolution templates.  They are distributed via the Amazon Cloud and should download fast depending on your download speed.

Hope you enjoy these and hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

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