If you're a blogger and trying to capture traffic from Pinterest you might love these templates. I've created 15 free Photoshop pin templates that work great on Pinterest.

You've probably heard how Pinterest drives tons of referral traffic and if you're using Pinterest you've probably seen these types of pins before.  They showcase a number of images with a headline or quote, as well as a spot to put your website URL.  I've also included some perfect for photographers ie. diptychs and triptychs.

These templates are 736 pixels in width which is the size of pins when you click on them.  So they'll fill out the space provided by Pinterest perfectly.  They vary in height, but none will be cut off by Pinterest pin height limits.

These templates can be used on your blog as well as on Facebook to help drive traffic to your site.  Lots of people seem to love pins that offer tips or a quote.  Helpful or inspirational pins get repinned quite a bit.  To download them see the bottom of this post.  If you're interested in Pinterest Quote Templates visit that page.

Pinterest Photoshop Templates

Template #1

Pinterest template

Template #2

Angled banner text Pinterest pin template

Template #3

1 image with headline banner Pinterest template

Template #4

8 image pinterest template

 Template #5


Template #6

Diptych Pinterest template

Template #7

The logo in the templates below uses a SmartObject so you can easily replace the logo with your own.  Same with all the images.

Diptych with logo Pinterest template

Template #8

4 images with logo copy

Template #9

Triptych pinterest template

Template #10

Inspirational quotes are really popular on Pinterest, so this set wouldn't be complete without a couple so I created the ones below.

Quote pin template

Template #11

Quote pin template

Template #12

Tips template with one image

Template #13

6 images pinterest template

Template #14

Template with 7 images, black box and text placement

Template #15

Template with 7 images, white box and text placement

I created these templates in Photoshop CC on Windows so you'll need that or one of the earlier versions of Photoshop to edit these.  Everything is editable: the text, headline, images and URL.

All of the images use SmartObjects so editing them is easy.  The font I used throughout them is Museo Sans which is free.

Download Pinterest PSD Pin Templates Below

To download click the link below.


The photos in the above screenshots are not included in the templates.  I used dummy photos I took as I don't have permission to give away the ones shown above.

Note: You may not redistribute these templates yourself.  If you want to share them please link to this page from your site or pin it on Pinterest.  You can use these for personal or commercial use, but you may not sell them, redistribute the zip file or package them with anything else.

Also be sure to follow me on Pinterest and let me know what you think in the comments section below.  Hope you like them!




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