Most photographers I know have a Facebook page that they keep updated regularly.  And with 8 gazillion users (I'm guestimating here :), your clients will most likely have their own Facebook profiles  they update regularly.  With the most shared thing on Facebook being images I figured it was about time to give photographers a new way to showcase their photos and bring some originality to the standard single images being shared.

Now, of course you can put your logo onto a standard sized photo and share it on Facebook, or send it to your client for them to share.  But often times these images are uploaded as cover photos which don't fit the horizontal landscape size or they are shared on the timeline and cut-off again.  This can be frustrating and for people who scroll through timelines, images can be quickly overlooked.

Another issue is that some clients (not all) will want to share low-res photos that you gave to them on a disk for proofing purposes on Facebook, which end up looking bad and either have zero branding on them or they've been cropped off.  It's sad, but it does happen.

Now what if you provided unique and perfectly sized graphics your clients could use immediately on their Facebook profiles?  Do you think your clients would use any of the graphics below once they are customized with their new photos from their photo shoot?  Do you think they'd be excited to use something customized for them, over standard images you probably already send?  I think so.

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So What Can These Facebook Templates Be Used For?

  • Stand Out From The Crowd by Offering Free, Custom Facebook Photo-collages with Every Shoot
  • Use Them as an Upsell (advertise to your prospects that for more money you include Facebook cover and timeline photo-collages)
  • Update Your Own Facebook Profile Cover Photo with Images from Your Portfolio
  • Share Your Own Photography on Your Own Photography Facebook Page
  • The Timeline Graphics Work Well on Any Social Media Website, Even Your Own Website
  • Create a Photo-Collage Graphic for Past Clients Just to Say Thank You.
  • Add Your Own Branding So When These Are Shared You Get Brand Recognition
  • Use Them an Unlimited Amount of Times

These templates should pay for themselves the first time you use them!  Oh… wait… they're absolutely free!

Facebook Photo-Collage Cover Templates


(1) – 12-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 1


(2) – 9-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 2


(3) – 17-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 3


(4) – Triptych 3-Photo Collage Cover Template (FREE)

Facebook Cover Template 4

Facebook Cover Template 4


(5) – Diptych 4-Photo Cover Template (FREE)

Facebook cover template 5

Facebook cover template 5


(6) – 7-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 6


(7) – 6-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 7


(8) – Triptych Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 8


(9) – Diptych Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 9


(10) – 5-Photo Collage Cover Template


Facebook Cover Template 10


Facebook Timeline Photo-Collage Templates

You can now give your clients beautiful photo-collage images they'll love to share on Facebook.  Easily replace any of the photos with your logo to receive further branding recognition.

These templates are sized perfectly to be displayed on Facebook.  They are 1008 pixels squared so when they are resized by Facebook to show up on a timeline at 504 pixels they look great and when clicked on they blow up to show a higher resolution, larger image perfect for a better view on desktops or retina iPads.  These templates are easily editable and all layers are numbered so they are easily identifiable.  Clients love when you go the extra mile and give them something great they can share.

Here are the Photoshop PSD timeline templates that are included…

(1) – 9-Photo Collage Timeline Template


Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 1


(2) – 11-Photo Timeline Collage Template


Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 2


(3) – Diptych 4-Photo Collage Timeline Template


Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 3


(4) – 1-Photo Timeline Template (Brushed Clipping Mask)

Facebook Timeline Photo Template 4

Facebook Timeline Photo Template 4


(5) – 1-Photo Timeline Template (Brushed Clipping Mask)


Facebook Timeline Photo Template 5


(6) – 1-Photo Timeline Template (Brushed Clipping Mask)


Facebook Timeline Photo Template 6


(7) – 1-Photo Timeline Template (Brushed Clipping Mask)


Facebook Timeline Photo Template 7


(8) – 4-Photo Timeline Template (Brushed Clipping Mask)

Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 8

Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 8


(9) – 4-Photo Diptych Timeline Template


Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 9


(10) – 5-Photo Timeline Collage Template


Facebook Timeline Photo Collage Template 10


Facebook Template Example Views

Cover Photo Example

Facebook Cover Photo Example

Facebook Timeline Example

Facebook Timeline Example

Easy to Edit

All layers are marked with separate numbers so you know which part you are editing and correspond to the layer in Photoshop.  Editing these templates takes only minutes.  And clients love them!  A step-by-step how-to video is included in the download so you can easily understand how to edit these templates.  And yes, I walk you through it with video and my voice.  I hate silent how-to videos.

All layers are numbered for easy identification.

All layers are numbered for easy identification.

Quick Video Overview of How to Edit

How to Download the Entire Bundle

You can download the 23 Facebook templates by purchasing them in my online shop here.

You can download 2 free templates ( 4 & 5 ) by clicking here.


You'll need Photoshop CS4+ to edit these templates. They use SmartObjects so they will not work in Photoshop Elements.  The download file is 314MB in size.


  • The Free License grants you, the downloader, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of a this product determined by the rules below.


  • Use this product in personal or commercial projects.
  • Use this product in graphics intended for sale, without including additional graphic resources/fonts.
  • Use this product for an unlimited number of commercial projects.
  • Use any number of graphics in this post to share this post with your friends/website visitors as long as you link directly back to this post.


  • Resell this product as-is.
  • Redistribute the download link or share it on sharing websites.
  • Share files with clients or other designers.
  • Offer this product in a giveaway or promotion.
  • Claim this product as your own work.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  Enjoy!

Btw, all images used in these templates are copyright Allison Easley.

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