If you're a professional photographer, or even an amateur photographer and ever upload photos to Facebook, then you might enjoy these.  This download is for 7 free diptych and triptych templates I designed myself.

These templates allow you to display 2 or 3 photos (even 4) in a grid that looks really clean and professional.  They are made for the web so perfect for Facebook or Google+… or your site.

These Photoshop templates use Smart Objects so editing them is rather easy.  All you have to do is double-click on the Smart Object layer  (while in Photoshop) and it opens up the object in a new file where you paste in your photo and hit save.  The photo then updates in the template with your saved Smart Object.  These templates were created in Photoshop CS5.5 but will open and work in newer versions as well as older versions.

All templates include a layer background in black and white so you can choose… or it's quite easy to add your own color if you want something custom.  A few allow you to place your logo on them as well.  Some have no logo placement in case you don't watermark your shared images.  But you're free to add your logo if you want… do whatever you like!










All photos in templates are copyright Allison Easley. If you use these templates feel free to let me know! I'd love to hear from you.

Download Templates

Click the download link below to download the templates.


If you need help understanding SmartObjects in Photoshop here is clear video to help you.

My facebook cover templates also use Smartobjects if you are interested in those.


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