I think my love of plants came from my mom.  I'm pretty sure of it, even though as a family growing up, we all worked in the yard on the weekends.  Flowering plants wasn't something I think I even thought about as a kid.  I probably liked them, but didn't give them a second thought.  As I have grown older though I have truly come to appreciate them.  I've really taken to gardening and love keeping alive the plants I surround myself with.  Maybe its a part of being a parent, maybe its a part of being older and more wise.  I can truly say I have found an affinity for nature and the plants I plant… and help nurture.  Hey, maybe it's my motherly instinct as a parent and father.  I want to be surrounded by plants.  I like to take care of things.  When you see your care turn into blossoms and you see the bees buzzing around in certain happiness there is a joy that is had, for certain that in your small area around you, you are maintaining happiness and order.   Well maintained gardens are showcases and definitely await the right photography.

These are photos I have taken during the summer, in my yard.  I have planted most everything you see, starting out as a small potted plant and growing and flowering into a beautiful specimen.  Most, if not every photo was taken with a 50mm lens with a Canon DSLR.  An older Canon T3i in fact.  The 50mm gives that sweet depth of field, but after getting the images off the SD card I certainly took them into Photoshop and added my own feel.  It's not too much from what you can see.  I might release the recipe for the photo manipulation in Photoshop at some point but I kind of hold it close to my heart, like I do these plants in the yard.  Anyway,  I hope you enjoy these.  Let me know what you think.


Russian Sage

Stars at night in Southern Utah

Gopher Plant

Sporobolus airoides is a species of grass known by the common name alkali sacaton.

Red Velvet Yarrow Flower

Yarrow Flowering

Guara Plant Flowering

Cactus in Southern Utah

Wandering Butterflies Plant

Catnip Flowering

Cherry Tree in Summer

Shrubs Flowering

Pretty Flower

Russian Sage Flowering

Plants turning Red

Plumes of Pampas Grass

Pine Tree with Rain Drops

Cactus Flowering

Red Hot Pokers

Hope you enjoyed those photos.  Throughout posting them on Facebook this summer, they got the most likes.  It was really most of what I posted.  And when I think about gardening more I really feel I fall in love with the colors and knowing that these plants are thriving and have a happy home (yard) to live in.  After photographing them with a 50mm lens and pulling them into Photoshop and you can get some really cool photos and you notice the colors and gradients way more… that are just so beautiful.  Any designer or artist I think is truly a lover of nature, color and life.  What do you think?

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