Here are 29 free Christmas card templates for Photoshop Elements.  The screenshots are below so you can check them out.  They are high resolution templates (300DPI), most in the size 7×5, or 5×7.

I'm releasing these because I've been asked if the last batch of holiday Photoshop templates I made available worked with Photoshop Elements.

Everything is editable in these templates, from the fonts (date), to the photos and patterns used.  More info is available at the end of this post as well as the download link.  Hope you enjoy!

Update:  I updated these templates last year so the dates say 2017 when you download them… the dates and images are of course editable so you can update them to 2018.

Are you using Photoshop CC yet?  If you are I've released ALL New Holiday Card Templates for 2018.  There is a bundle of 44 or 22 PSD Christmas Templates available in the shop.














Card3-7x5-Back2 Card3-7x5-folding-card-COVER Card3-7x5-Front
















These templates, even though they are high resolution can be saved for the web if you just want to post something nice to Facebook, or Google+.  They do work as printable templates if you export them as high-res and then send them to Walmart, or any other place that can print out high-res JPEGS.

They are easy to edit and all you need is Photoshop Elements to customize the text and images.  The download zip file contains 29 different templates that you can use however you want.  Some are just backs, some include both backs and fronts.  Some have the back and front in the same file.

With your own photos and even customizing the text they'll truly be your own.  If you want to change any of the patterns in the templates I offer a set of free photoshop patterns post you can download if you'd like.

I'd recommend doing a test print at home before sending these to any printer.  That's just to make sure everything looks good.  I've of course done tests and they came out nice.

I've created this video to show how to edit the templates.  Make sure you export the final designs to high-res JPEGS or whatever file-type your printer needs.

How to Edit the templates in Photoshop Elements + How to install custom patterns


Fonts Used:

The fonts used are freely available, however I did use a couple that aren't currently offered for free. I flattened any editable fonts that were not freely available and created both an editable layer (in case you do happen to have them) and a flattened one.

Idlewild, Avenir, Grizzly Bear and certain versions of Museo are not currently free however, they can be easily replaced with other fonts you like.

Free Fonts Used:

Other Font Choices

If you wish to change out some of the fonts, the below fonts are good choices.

It is recommended that you go through and download and install all the fonts listed above first before using the templates.  Of course you can just open the templates up first and see if the font is missing, view its name in the font field and then just do a google search for that font to find and install it.


These PSDs were created in Photoshop CS5 (12.1) and edited for use with Photoshop Elements.  They do not use smart objects.   I opened and saved all the templates in Photoshop Elements before zipping them up.

Download Photoshop Elements Holiday Card Templates

Click the download link below to download the files.


© Copyright

All photos are copyright Allison Easley unless otherwise stated and may not be used without permission. Again please contact me below or via the contact page if you have questions.


You are free to use these templates for yourself and for your clients, but please don't repackage them and resell them. That's stealing, folks.  These templates are for your sole use only.

If you wish to share these templates with friends, please send them to this page.  You may not redistribute the download files.  You are welcome to grab a screenshot or two if you wish to blog about this page, but don't take all of them.  And if you link to this page please use a standard followed html link.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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