Looking for free patterns for Photoshop?  I designed these patterns and created an export of the patterns palette that can be used in Photoshop.  It's in a single file that can be imported for immediate use.

These patterns are seamless (ie. repeating) so they can be applied to any shape or space and fill them perfectly.  The patterns are high resolution so they can be used for print work.  Test them out on your printer to see first.  I've sized them down very small for the preview graphic.

The file is a .PAT file.  You can install the patterns palette by double-clicking the file, or you can import it into your overall patterns palette by clicking the small icon when you're inside the layer options menu.  See graphic below.

There are popular patterns in this including chevron patterns, heart patterns, snowflakes, stars and more.  Here's an example graphic showing every pattern.  I didn't want to put it in this post as the file is 1.5MB.

Loading PAT file from the Layer Options Menu

Download Patterns

To download simply click the download link below.


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Download 57 Free Patterns for Photoshop

Download 57 Free Patterns for Photoshop

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