Ok, so I'm kinda a font addict or as a close friend once called me… a font whore! (Can you believe the audacity of some people? heh.). But, It's true.  I like fonts. K, I really, really, really like fonts.  It's part of the territory of being a designer.  But I really do love typography a lot and even have a tumblr account dedicated to just fonts called TypeJoyAlso, one of the boards I post to the most on Pinterest is my Fonts and Typography board.  Check that out if you have a sec. There's a whole 377 pins so far of typographic awesomeness.  But, on to my humble attempt at designing some hand-drawn fonts.

So, I recently download the app iFontMaker for iPad… and let me tell you.  I flippin love this app so much!  It's incredible.  I was drawing fonts for an entire week straight after that little app icon loaded…heh.  It is kind of addicting.  I still have a lot of ideas for more fonts I want to do.  But please remember, I am not a font designer.  Once you try to create your own font you'll have a better appreciation for the people who actually do this for a living.  I say that because as you can see from my fonts they are drawn by hand.  That was what I was going for because you may have noticed that hand-drawn fonts have become popular over the last few years…

Fonts like Hannah were and still are best sellers on myfonts.com.  I really like them too.  For certain designs hand-drawn fonts are the only thing that will really work.  So yeah.  I wanted to create some fonts to distribute for free and thought I'd share.

Fonts are TrueType format.  They are also available for the web.  Click the screenshots below to get a closer look and be sure to test them out 🙂

Download Free Fonts

Olga Chubby



Olga Chubby: A custom hand-drawn font by Jeff Hendrickson for fotoblossom.com. Available in TT (TrueType) format. http://2ttf.com/Xw2ILEkH

Hand-Drawn Font: Heidifotoblossom-fonts-Heidi

Heidi: A custom hand-drawn font. Available in TT (TrueType) format. Mac or PC. http://2ttf.com/Nzd3Wyn5

Heffe Thick


Heffe Thick: A custom hand-drawn font. Available in TT (TrueType) format. Mac or PC- Download Here: http://2ttf.com/K4TRRlPz

Hand-Drawn Speech Bubble Font


Hand-drawn Speech Bubbles: Speech Bubbles – A custom hand-drawn font. Available in TT (TrueType) format. Mac or PC – http://2ttf.com/Kr2PbBQF

Let me know what you think.   These are in no way perfect obviously.  Some of the kerning is obviously off and you'll probably have to make some adjustments manually in your designs if you do plan on using them.  I do plan on keeping them updated so please follow me on facebook or subscribe to my feed.  Merry Christmas!


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