By now you probably know how much I love WordPress (it's the only cms I use) so today I thought I'd put together some inspirational examples of wedding photographer websites powered by WordPress.

In doing the research for this list I was surprised by how many wedding photographers are still using static HTML (why?) and (gads!) even Flash!  Why on Earth anyone would still be using Flash in 2014 is a mystery to me.  I mean, if you want to show up on search engines then you really should steer clear of embedding all your content into a single Flash file that search engines still have a problem indexing.  And using static HTML, although way better than Flash really removes the ease of being able to update which WordPress provides.  The easier your site to update the more likely you'll be to update it.  So for that reason I choose WordPress over HTML any day.  In my opinion it's really the best out there.

So here ya go, 40 wedding photographer websites powered by the almighty WordPress (in no particular order).  Clicking any of the screenshots below will open the websites in a new tab.  Enjoy!

1. Moxie Photography

Moxie Photography


2. 645 Photography

645 Photography


3. Macquela Studio

Macquela Studio


4. Veronica Benson Photography

Veronica Benson Photography


5. James Erick Photography

James Erick Photography


6. MFK Photography

MFK Photography


7. syds designs Photography

syds designs Photography


8. Anna Mae Lam Photography

Anna Mae Lam Photography


9. Gina & Ryan Photography

Gina & Ryan Photography


10. Yair Haim Photography

Yair Haim Photography


11. Sergey Green Photography

Sergey Green Photography


12. William Innes Photography

William Innes Photography


13. Simply Perfect Images

Simply Perfect Images


14. Aileen Garcia Studio

Aileen Garcia Studio


15. Los Angeles Boudoir Studio

Los Angeles Boudoir Studio


16. i68 Photography

i68 Photography


17. Jack & Patrick Photography

Jack & Patrick Photography


18. Jacob Dylan Photography

Jacob Dylan Photography


19. IDO Designs Event Design & Photography

IDO Designs Event Design & Photography


20. Liquid Fusion Photography

Liquid Fusion Photography


21. Gio Photography

Gio Photography


22. Studio Saldana

Studio Saldana


23. TL Wedding Photography & Video

TL Wedding Photography & Video


24. Dave Cross Weddings

Dave Cross Weddings


25. ein photography + design

ein photography + design


26. A Day of Bliss

A Day of Bliss


27. Femina Photo + Design

Femina Photo + Design


28. Brian Hatton Photography

Brian Hatton Photography


29. Starlight Studioz

Starlight Studioz


30. Leimage Inc

Leimage Inc


31. Jay Seth Photography

Jay Seth Photography


32. Sarah Dawson Photography

Sarah Dawson Photography


33. Kenny Pang Photography

Kenny Pang Photography


34. Cottonwood Studios Worldwide

Cottonwood Studios Worldwide


35. Artvesta Studio

Artvesta Studio


36. Origin Photos

Origin Photos


37. George Street Photo

George Street Photo


38. Igor Photography

Igor Photography


39. Atelier Pictures

Atelier Pictures


40. Arain Photography

Arain Photography

Hope you enjoyed these. I tried to include a wide range of designs for variation. I know some look better than others and after checking them out you probably preferred the look of some more than others. One of the great features of WordPress is that you can change up your theme pretty easily (just a few clicks) and you have an entirely new design. And if you purchase a WordPress theme for photographers it takes just a little bit of work to customize it to so it looks unique.

Just a note… I did actually check out the source code of each one of these websites to make sure they are actually powered by WordPress.

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