After adding the Top Commentators plugin I've seen an increase in comments here on this blog and I'm happy about that. I'm more then happy to give some link love back to the nice people who comment here. Taking that further I've decided to remove the evil nofollow tag from all comments and trackbacks here.

The nofollow tag in my opinion was a crappy idea to begin with and was just a simple method adopted by Google to fight comment spam. Has it worked? No! Spammers still spam comments and luckily there are services like akismet, spam karma and others that help to cut down on bots leaving comments with a hundred links in the comment field.  I use spam karma here and it has worked great.  I don't have time to approve every comment and so spam karma has saved me tons of time.

So where did I find this dofollow plugin?  I found it over at Andy Beard's blog in a dofollow list he put together of all the dofollow plugins out there.  Thanks Andy for the list!

So, now when you leave a usefull and interesting comment here you get a link that search engines can follow.  I think this will encourage even more people to comment.  Now I just have to post in a way to start a conversation, a dialogue, etc.

I don't consider myself a professional blogger.  It's not how I earn my living.  I started this blog to share my thoughts on web design, seo, marketing etc.  Not to make money.  I used to have adsense ads here but removed it because I didn't think it was adding any value.  And quite honestly I'm sick of seeing Google ads everywhere you turn.

Having said all that I hope to post some better posts in the future, ones that will induce a dialogue with you the reader.   We'll see how it works out.  Let me know what you think!

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