Did you know you can artificially boost your Alexa traffic ranking by simply installing the Alexa toolbar and visiting your sites over and over?  Yes, it's true.  Because of this fact I don't trust Alexa rankings at all.  I never really thought Alexa was worth a damn even back in 2001 when I first personally heard of their toolbar.  Because it tracks the sites you visit some people consider it spyware.  But I don't think that's the big problem.  The problem comes when site owners or webmasters base the worth of their sites on their Alexa rankings.  To me Alexa rankings don't mean jack.  I don't know anyone who uses it and who are these people that do?  I first installed their toolbar back in early 2002 after all the buzz, but I thought, ok this is lame and uninstalled it.  You can read a good post titled “stop using alexa for serious traffic analysis” on makeyougohmm.com.

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