Are your walls lacking in interesting visuals? Go check out for awesome limited edition art prints you can get in a bunch of different styles ie. Print Only, Boxed Canvas or Framed.

Regardless of size or format they only print 250 of each particular art work.
Every art print is delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Their Canvas prints look awesome if you haven't seen them yet.

ClickforArt Boxed Canvas art prints are printed on 220gsm very fine mesh, synthetic canvas fabric, which is more stable than natural canvas and ensures optimum image reproduction. All canvasses are stretched by hand on 2” deep kiln dried solid wood stretchers over an internal wooden frame of 50mm depth.

ClickforArt Canvas art prints are high-resolution, high-fidelity reproductions produced on ‘state of the art'  large format ink-jet printers. The pigment based inks used are guaranteed lightfast in normal conditions for in excess of 25 years.

The printed image is mirrored and then wrapped all the way around the outside. Just like those the big masterpieces you would see in an art gallery Big, bold and glorious!

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