Got a minute to go check out some cool photos?  Go to Brooks flickr page and check it out.  He's posted a bunch of his great portraits a few of which are of me.  I got to know Brooks at a photo shoot he was so kind to do last year.  A friend introduced us and I have to say, besides having a cool studio, Brooks is a super nice guy and an outstanding photographer.  So if you need any portraits done give him a ring.

Since he started his flickr gallery I had to jump on the bandwagon myself and start one up.  I've known about flickr for a long time but have always put it off, because I use picasa w/ hello to upload photos to my Oslo Pics site. I have to say I dig the interface of flickr and ease of use.  For $25/year you can upgrade your flickr account and upload up to 2gb's worth of photos a month with unlimited bandwidth.  There's a ton of people uploading photos and flickr makes it easy to meet other photographers.  So, give it a try if you haven't already.  They do give you the ability to upload batches of photos but I haven't tried it yet.  I need to get out and snap some more shots.

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