Sometimes it takes me a long time before I go out of my way to sign up or submit by blog or sites to directories or services that are new to me. Technorati has been around awhile now and although I don't use their service I thought I would sign up for their free account so I could atleast claim my blog. I created my account about 2 or 3 weeks ago and tried to claim my blog with no luck. All it says is Error: Unclaimable Blog. Their instructions on how to claim a blog are very vague, saying that you need to place some code on your blog to properly claim it, but they don't say where you get the code or what it looks like. I immediately emailed support to ask how I can claim my blog. Have I heard a sinlge word back? Nope, nothing. It has been weeks and haven't heard a thing. I have sent 3 emails to support so far and it doesn't look like they have support techs at all. I know technorati is a free service but I alteast expect if they do offer a service that there be a clear support section to help users understand how their service works.

I searched Google for help on this and found something on claiming a blog that I thought would help but didn't. I applied the example code as described and that didn't work. It's a very wordy post that doesn't really clear things up. The author does talk about how technorati's support is lacking though which I totally agree with. So guess I won't be claiming my blog any time soon unless techorati responds. Makes me wonder if they ban blogs. Way to go notechrati.

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