Say No to CJ's LMIMany users of CJ such as myself have heard of the new CJ LMI (link management initiative) and it is a nightmare for those using CJ. Have you tried using the new javascript affiliate links CJ provides? Do you know how to use them? Did you know you will need to switch over evey legacy affiliate link you have put up on any of your sites soon, or atleast by 2007 which is coming up fast. There is a great post about CJ's LMI and a nice CJ petition you can sign if you are against this as I am.

Sign it! I did.

Hopefully Google's new Content Referall program will be easy to use and eliminate some of the problems that affiliate marketers face.  Read more about Google's Content Referall program.  Also check out this post Google Launches ValueClick Killer on the same subject.

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