Classmate Search WebsitesThe top classmate search websites listed. If you've ever wondered how your old classmates are doing then here's the list you can use to find them. is I believe the most popular site for finding old classmates. It was a site I was on about 5 years ago but since lost my login info. I have no idea what it is and most likely don't even have access to my old email anymore. I believe it's free to sign up but the last time I was on it they were pushing hard for you to pay to upgrade your service so you could (I think) view more info or maybe post more info. I don't really remember. It's been so long. And I've had no reason to rejoin. I still talk to my friends who were true friends back then.

Anyway, if you are in search of an old classmate I'd try on free sites first such as myspace or That's if you remember their names. Classmates offers listings of schools where you can just join your old school and graduating year so you'll automatically see who's signed up that was in your class. Very convenient. If you do remember your friends names, which I guess you should if they were really your friends then you should definitely try facebook and myspace first. If you are desperate to find them them you can always try the whitepages online. The other sites listed will help you as well.

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