Flash Hosting provides Commission Junction’s advertisers and publishers with a new type of link creative… Flash banner ads.

Feature short, non-interactive animated banner ads.

They automatically start, have continuous play and generally last approximately 5-15 seconds.

Use advertiser created Flash (.swf) files, which are created using Adobe Flash software or with other programs capable of writing .swf files.

Commission Junction hosts and tracks these links just like other link types. You can obtain link code for Flash links the same way you do for all other link types via the CJ Account ManagerTM.

What are the key benefits of Flash Hosting for publishers?

Flash Hosting simplifies the process of an advertiser creating and offering Flash links via the CJ Account Manager, meaning that more advertisers may be inclined to start offering Flash links. In addition, industry research points to rich media, such as Flash, driving higher conversion rates than their standard .GIF/.JPEG counterparts.

Who can use Flash links?

All publishers can utilize Flash links once their joined advertisers offer them.

What do clients need to do to begin using Flash Links?

Once an advertiser begins offering the Flash ads, you can immediately begin to obtain the Flash link code as you would for any other link type. Please note that you can only obtain HTML code for Flash links (no JavaScript).

When will Flash Ads be available?

Flash Ads will be available starting August 29, 2008.

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