David Carson has been my favorite designer since college (94-98).  Graphic design was my major and I would always make sure to get every copy of Raygun which Carson was the art director of.  I loved Raygun because it was refreshing, cool and didn't follow rules.  Being a huge music fan I liked the fact that the magazine was geared towards music and had an edge to it that just wasn't seen in other magazines.  Honestly, I didn't buy Raygun for the artist interviews.  I bought it for the visuals.  I actually rarely read Raygun.  For me the text was a design element.  Of course David Carson is known for his typographic design which I have always loved.  I thought it was always more intriguing to see broken typographic elements which still spelled out something but took a few minutes to decipher then to see stuff clearly spelled out.  I respect people who take a chance and do things there own way.  To me graphic design is art and art is playfull, fun and  experimental.  David Carson's designs are playful or should I say full of play.  His design represents movement and action and have an organic feel.  It's no wonder since David is a surfer and relates to the ocean and nature.  For me I feel David's work is spiritual.  It goes well beyond experimental typography or blurry imagery.  It about life and fluidity.
Some of the books I own by David Carson.

  • The End of Print
  • Trek: David Carson, Recent Werk
  • Fotografiks – David Carson
  • The Book of Probes

Back in 99 I actually emailed David saying thanks for the inspiration.  I was surprised that he actually responded.  Anyway, that just shows how down to earth he is.  So again, thanks David!

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