Directory Submitter Ahh the good ol' directory submission services out there. Charging a hundred dollars to submit your link to 100, 200, 250, 300, 350 of the top directory sites around. Directories can be a good way to get your site some one way backlinks but having another company do it can be costly and you might not be aware of what you're getting. If you have the time to submit your site you should do it yourself. If you have the time and you're new to SEO submitting your site to directories is a given.

You can find a lot of cheap directory submission services out there or you can do it yourseslf. When you do it yourself you can submit your site only to directories you see fit.

A great product that Brad Callen just released is Directory Submitter. A piece of software that runs on your desktop that allows you to submit your site to hundreds of directories all from one interface. Directory Submitter has 350 directories in it's list that you can submit to for free. 350 directories is a lot for free. If you want you can upgrade the demo software to submit your site to thousands of directories. Thousands of directories might be pushin it though as that seems like an awful lot of directories to hand submit sites to.

You can use the software for free and submit your site to 350 directories though without having to pay a dime. Great isn't it.

Want your site submitted to those 350 directories without doing it yourself? Outsource it. Ask someone on or to hand submit your site to those 350 directories using the software. You might be able to get someone to do it for cheaper then a directory submission service.

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