If you've ever wanted to make your blog a little more personal you can use a cool itunes plugin from Brandon Fuller which will display what you are currently listening to in itunes.  It costs $10 to register it and it is pretty easy to install and use.  I've had the plugin for awhile but since I change wordpress themes so much I never got around to including it on newer themes.  Anyway I've installed it again and am using it here so you can now see what I am currently listening to.  I think it's pretty cool.  I am a huge music fan and listen to music a lot when I'm working.  If you are not a itunes fan (why not?) then he has made the plugin for windows player and he also has a version for mac users.  If you are interested check out his site at http://brandon.fuller.name/archives/hacks/nowplaying/index.html

If you need any basic help when installing it leave a comment and I will try and help you.  The one problem I had was getting the path to the files correct.  If you don't know the correct path to the root of your site it is usually /home/username/public_html/

You need to include this path to your root when editing the now_playing.php file.

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