Dreamweaver CS4 is coming out soon and it looks like it has some pretty awesome new features.  Including, Incontext editing and Live View.

Incontext Editing Features:

Convenient web-based access

Increase availability while helping to reduce costs tied to per-station licenses. Your editable pages are accessible from Windows® or Mac OS systems through Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.

Administrator controls

Use a centralized interface to manage user accounts, permissions, and site settings. InContext Editing administrators have the power to set up and manage sites and users remotely.

Increased earning potential

Give your clients and team members what they need — direct editing of their web pages. Incorporate the Adobe® InContext Editing online service into your business and expand your service offerings with familiar tools and concepts.

Simplified website editing

Enable contributors to make edits to your site directly from their browser, with little or no training. InContext Editing works just like most WYSIWYG word processing applications so end users can quickly apply their knowledge of familiar tools for virtually immediate results.

So it's not clear on Adobe's website wether Incontext Editing will require contributors to login to a central location located at adobe's website or if it will be something Developers will have to host themselves.  I'm guessing they'll have to login to Adobe's site to edit their own.  I thought this was definetely the end of Adobe Contribute, but I guess not.

Live View

Design your web pages under real-world browser conditions with the new Live View in Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 — while still retaining direct access to the code. Changes to the code are instantly reflected in the rendered display.

So it looks like when you're developing in dreamweaver you don't have to keep hitting F12 all the time to preview your work in a browser.
Web Premium CS4 - 250x250

FLV support

Integrate FLV files into any web page with point-and-click ease and standards-compliant coding. Design with your FLV movies playing in the new Live View.

Comprehensive CSS support

Style your sites with the enhanced CSS implementation tools in Dreamweaver CS4. Define and modify CSS rules instantly in the Properties panel. Use the Related Files and Code Navigator features to find specific CSS rules.

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