Retro Text KIT includes 80 awesome layer styles and text effects perfect for beginner and expert designers. It takes just a couple clicks to reproduce these same style graphics of retro/vintage letters/numbers/symbols… even vector graphics you drop in. These are Photoshop files where you just click on a smart object and paste in your design, or type in your text. Then click save and the main file udpates.

This KIT includes 10 different styles and 8 different directional shadows which equals 80 styles altogether. Amazingly enough this set is available for free for the next few days on Creative Market. Go grab it now while it's available. And just a note, I created these for my tumblog on typography. That's why they have on them.

typejoy-1 typejoy-9typejoy-2 typejoy-12typejoy-3 typejoy-4 typejoy-5 typejoy-6 typejoy-7 typejoy-8 typejoy-10 typejoy-11

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