Would you like to embed Slideshow Pro into WordPress?  The easiest method for doing this is using Kimili's Flash Embed plugin for wordpress.  It will allow you to either post your Slideshow Pro gallery into a post, page or into the actual layout of your theme ie. in your header.php file.

(Please note, I am no longer using Slideshow Pro so this page no longer is useful.)



I tried embedding Slideshow Pro into the header.php file of this site earlier tonight and ran into problems because I was simply copying and pasting the code from the html page that is exported when you export your flash file into my header.php file.  It worked on the homepage fine, but not on the subpages of this site.  So I gave Kimili's plugin a try and it worked great.

So if you want Slideshow Pro to appear on ever page of your wordpress blog then you can do so by embedding the simple code for Kimili in your layout.  Here's the code I used:

{kml_flashembed movie=”http://yoursitedomain.com/slideshow.swf” base=”http://yoursitedomain.com” height=”300″ width=”450″ /}

Be sure to exchange the { with [ and the ending } with ] – When you install Kimili be sure to read the instructions.

Pretty simple.  Also, make sure you use absolute URL's to your swf file or it won't work.

Here's an example:

[kml_flashembed movie=”https://jeffhendricksondesign.com/main.swf” height=”275″ width=”628″ /]


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