I found a great flash mp3 player that anyone can easily install on their site. It works with php, asp and coldfusion driven sites. I believe it only plays mp3's but it does it pretty fast and streams them very nicely. I thought of some very good uses for this player other then just streaming music. You could also use it to stream sales presentations or other info. I am currently using the main mp3 player but they also offer a video player and a smaller flash mp3 player that plays only 1 mp3 and is contained in a very small, attractive button. The small button player could be used on pages where an extra audio presentation could be usefull. I've seen sites with a player to “listen to so-and-so's audio introduction” and this player would be perfect for such a thing. I've installed the player on Ornament Sounds so you can see it in action. The audio is stuff I've made recently and is mostly for fun. There are many skins for the mp3 player you can freely download also. So.. if you are a musician or run a site where audio presentations are important the Wimpy flash mp3 player is perfect for you. Don't ask me why it's called Wimpy.

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