Curious as to what fonts to use for your next design for a web 2.0 design/logo?

The FontShop have put together a small list of web 2.0 logos and what fonts they have used in their design. Some are exact and some are similar fonts. They break the logos down into 3 categories, The Softies (A clear trend in new identities is the use of soft, rounded typefaces dominated by VAG Rounded (AKA Rundschrift), but also including Helvetica Rounded, Arial Rounded, Bryant, and FF Cocon.), The Futurists (reflecting the technological breakthroughs of Web 2.0 with a look that says “tomorrow’s techno”) and the Classics (Safe standbys like Trade and News Gothic, Frutiger, Avenir, Interstate, FF Meta, FF DIN, and the always ubiquitous Helvetica continue to see use in new web logos).

Web 2.0 Font Logos – A partial screen capture of just a small portion of Ludwig's web 2.0 logo compilation of over 400 web 2.0 logos. Pretty impressive.

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