Ahhh, if there is anything that takes the fun out of blogging it's dealing with all the comment spam. I get so much of it it's really pissing me off. I've looked around for some wordpress plugins to help stop it but they all look like they make things even more difficult. I have moderation on for all comments because of the fact I get so many spam comments and I don't want to turn off comments alltogether because that cuts out the community feedback factor which is important for blogs. I looked into adding some kind of CAPTCHA plugin but I personally HATE CAPTCHA codes. I can never tell what they say and in reality CAPTCHA codes are the worst idea ever. It's like asking people to decipher a riddle before being able to comment. It's ridiculous.

I did put in the suggested spam words into the comment moderation box in wordpress found under options > discussion but I will still have to moderate all comments. I don't really want to put those keywords into the comment blacklist box cause that permantly deletes any comment that has those words in it and I don't think that's right. Someone might have a comment that has one of the words in it that's usefull and I'd hate to have it deleted because jerks are spamming me.

This service looks promising but you have to sign up at wordpress to get an API key and from what I can tell it looks like you sign up to create a blog on wordpress like blogger.com creates blogs on blogspot. I don't really want to go through all that right now when I already have a wordpress blog. So I guess I'm stuck moderating comments.

If you know of a good way to stop comment spam please let me know.

Ok, This is an update to this post. I just stumbled across a plugin for wordpress called Spam Karma and am going to test it out to try and control blog spam. It looks very robust and was super easy to install. Just upload the folder to your plugins folder and activate it in your wordpress admin. I will let you know how it works after a few weeks or so.

I love Spam Karma!  Spam Karma is awesome and it has saved me from having to manually approve all the comment spam I receive.  Good thing I installed it as the amount of blog spam I receive has increased by probably 100% or more since writing this post.  So, I'd say give Spam Karma a try if you hate blog spam as much as me.

I noticed Christians post on blog spam – Good to see I'm not the only one who hates blog spam!

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