Well the first month of 2008 is almost over… how are you holding up to your New Years Resolutions?

My resolutions for 2008 are:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Juice Everyday
  • Stop Drinking Coffee
  • Work Out Regularly
  • Make More Money
  • Travel More

Well I'm proud to say that I haven't had a smoke or a cup of coffee since New Years. Kinda nuts when I used to almost live on coffee and cigarettes. I owe it all to juicing daily. Seriously. I've traded in smoking and drinking coffee for drinking fresh juice multiple times a day. I have a lot more energy and feel healthier then I have in a long time.

Jay Kordich - The JuicemanI'm no stranger to juicing. I got the itch a few years ago after reading about living healthy and seeing Jay Kordich's Juiceman Juicer infomercials. You know the old dude with crazy eyebrows… I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Anyway I juiced for awhile but it didn't stick because well it's kinda a pain in the ass. You need tons of stuff to juice and it takes awhile with the prep and clean up.

This Xmas though I decided to get another juicer and start again. Now that I have time during the day it's not so much a pain and it has really helped me to stop smoking. I wake up and juice an entire pineapple, two oranges and two apples. It is so much better then starting the day off with a few cups of coffee and cigarettes. Healthier too!

Then during the rest of the day I drink usually a few glasses of carrot and apple juice. Vegetables are better to drink then juice because of their nutrients but fruit juice tastes a whole lot better. I have Jay Kordich's “The Power of Juicing” book which lists a ton of great recipes. Basically you can juice anything except bananas and mangos because they are too soft to go through the juicer.

Anyway, if you're a smoker and want to quit try juicing and keep occupied. I find that it helps to chew on something,, gum, sunflower/pumpkin seeds – if you're craving nicotine maybe try some chewing tobacco. I know that's not a whole lot better but if it can help you go another day without smoking then its a good thing. Just try not to get addicted to that.

So I'm pretty proud of myself for going this long… the longest I haven't smoked in probably years.

Now I just need to work on the going to the gym and making more money part so I can travel more. 🙂

Amazon.com has some good juicers available such as Jay's Juiceman series of juicers as well as Jack Lalane's model. Do a quick search by clicking Juiceman below.

If you're holding up to your New Years resolutions let me know! I'd love to hear about them.

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