If you're looking for HTML resume templates (CV Template) then look no further. You can use these resume site templates to create a resume website to display your portfolio and work history to give to your future employers. It's actually good to have your cv/resume listed on a site because it's easily accessible and it allows for easy distribution if you're applying to jobs online. It's also good to have a site you control listed on Google or other search engines when employers search for you online.  Click on any of the thumbnails below to be taken to the template demo.

Clean CV Resume

Clean Resume Template

Typographic Resume Template

Clean CV Card Resume Template

Elegant Resume Template

Resume Theme

Major Resume Template

Paper Resume CV

Dark Pinstripe Template Resume

Perfecto Resume

Pro CV Template

Interviewer Resume Template

Cielo CV Template

Smart Resume Template

Stylish CV

Awesome Resume Template

Some tips about creating a resume HTML site

This pertains to any resume really but you should be as honest and accurate as you can on your resume.  Also keep your resume up-to-date.

Don't include every social network you're signed up to especially if you have anything that is public that you don't want your future employer to see.  If you are linking out to say Flickr make sure you only include your best work.  It's better to have a few really good samples over a bunch that are not your best.

Make sure you host your resume on a good host that doesn't have a lot of downtime.  Nothing could be worse than sending someone your URL and having them check your site out to only find the site down.

Try and get a domain name with your actual name in it.  If you have a common name then the domain you want is probably taken.  Try and get one like www.johndoe{profession}.com such as www.johndodesigner.com where you list your profession.

Do some SEO to your resume site so it actually ranks when someone googles your name.  Most employers now will do a google search to find out more info about you.  If your site shows up first it looks good.

Get your friends and family to look your site over for any misspellings or errors.

Hope that helps.

Also I know I've been spelling resume the wrong way this whole time.  It's actually spelled résumé or resumé or otherwise known as a CV if you're in Europe.

It's a bad economy out there.  Anything you can do to help increase your chances of landing your next job you should do. Good luck!


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