Last July I added the dofollow to my blog (or more correctly removed the nofollow tag) but soon found people abusing it and I quickly turned nofollow back on.

Joining the “dofollow” movement for awhile I did certainly see an increase in comments but didn't want to put up with moderating every comment because that's a waste of time. Some people left great comments, others just a few words to get a link back. So instead of giving credit to useful commentators I punished everyone.

Now there is an answer to this dillema created by Lucia. She's created a plugin that will allow dofollow on comments but conditionally and I like that a whole lot better then punishing everyone. So I'm once again in the dofollow movement but only under certain conditions… and they are:

You must have commented atleast 10 times for any of your comments to have the nofollow tag removed. The name you use in the name field must be shorter then 15 characters (this cuts out people leaving comments with a bunch of keywords in them). Trackbacks are not followed at all unless they have commented the same as mentioned above (this cuts out the trackback spammers).

When you leave a comment it will show a number next to your name indicating how many times you've commented in all.

I hope this encourages more discussion now, although I still have a problem with posting regularly and in a way that invites comments. I'm working on it!

What do you think?

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