So have you seen yet? A fantastic new service that allows you to upload PDF's (and other formats) and view them in a flipbook manner so you can easily browse any number of magazines, portfolios etc directly on  It looks absolutely amazing.  You're also free to embed your publication on your own site or social networking account.

To my surprise an issue of Faraway Journal that I designed the front cover for was under the Be Inspired section on the homepage. Pretty sweet.

There's quite a lot of designers uploading their graphic design work (including me) so there's plenty of visual stimulation to sink your eyes into.  What's cool is when you're browsing someones PDF you're given a list of related PDF's that you can jump to… so an endless supply of imagery to feast on.  A lot of it is quite cool.

All you need to upload PDF's to Issuu is a PDF layed out in single pages,, so no spreads.  If you're using Adobe Indesign all you have to do is export your Indesign file to a PDF.  Make sure you embed all your fonts and images.

What file formats can you upload?

Issuu supports formats with the extension PDF, DOC, PPT, ODT, WPD, SXW, RTF, ODP, and SXI.

Will your documents be indexed by Google and other search engines?

Yes. And since Issuu has a high Google rank, you will get even better exposure. It usually takes a short while before search engines are updated, so please be patient.

Here's more info about Issuu found on their site:

Issuu makes your publications look good

Issuu turns your documents into beautiful online publications. Publish to an audicence of millions and get your message across to anyone, anywhere. It only takes a minute and it's free.

Features and benefits

  • Upload your documents and we turn them into professional online publications.
  • Enjoy the best reading experience online (fullscreen with crisp vector graphics).
  • Explore a living library with the web's most interesting publications.
  • Post/embed your publications anywhere online (Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, etc.)
  • Get a high rank on Google and receive detailed statistics about your readers.
  • Create a custom viewer design and integrate your publications on your website.

About Issuu

Issuu (pronounced ‘issue') is a dedicated team who strive for excellence in online publishing. Our product and services are based on providing instant gratification for people, businesses, and advertisers. In essence, we reduce some of the frustration associated with publishing on the Internet. We launched the first public version of our service in December 2007. Since February 2007, we have been venture-backed by Sunstone Capital. Please note we are still a beta service.

How can you embed an Issuu publication?

You can embed Issuu almost anywhere. Simply click Embed, choose your preferred colors, select which site to embed on, get the code and paste it. This will create a mini preview Issuu.

Check it out if you haven't already… and share your thoughts!

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