iStockPhoto I can't express how much I love iStockphoto. They have so many usefull graphics and videos for super cheap it's ridiculous. You can find a ton of usefull photos, videos, illustrations, icons, etc there. If you're a freelance web designer and don't already use istockphoto then you're missin out, period.

Downloads for one dollar,, are you kidding? Not with iStockphoto. You can find tons of great stuff on iStock.

There isn't a cause that would be pretty boring,, but there is a youtube. Have you figured out yet that video advertising is the wave of the future on the net? You can post any video for free to any free video hosting service like youtube, google video etc. You need footage though and maybe you're not good with a video camera,, or maybe you don't have one. Have you looked on iStockphoto yet? They have tons of video clips for $5 you can use to create your next video.

I've started experimenting with marketing via youtube and I am using video I got from iStockphoto. I'm not marketing anything really.. I'm just experimenting with how many views you can get from putting up video with certain keywords in the title. I am curious to see what gets the most hits. It's for fun.

But seriously, Istock has a ton of great photos for your website or next brochure if you're a graphic designer. You wouldn't expect much for $1 but you can truly get great shots for that much if you're looking to add nice images to your blog posts. I might consider doing that just to promote some artists on istock. There is some real talent on that site. Just search for anything under illustrations. You will see some great illustrators work.

iStockPhoto – Go have a look!

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