I can't express how much I'm in love with Typekit. It's quite possible the best service to serve up some sweet new fonts on your website. I assume they're the best as I really haven't tried anyone else out. Well I did try embedding fonts using myfonts service, but the quality was bad… ie. the fonts appear to not be as smooth as Typekits.Typekit Logo

I've had the joy of switching over the regular web fonts I have been using on this site to the magnificent Proxima Nova. I've played around with several other fonts but thought Proxima Nova looked the best.  Of course I'll probably change it up in the future but that's what I'm using now.

I've also been using Typekit for a client as well as on some personal websites.

I wish I had more time to implement Typekit across a few more of my sites but I'm going to wait to do full redesigns.

Typekit is a dream to work with and is super easy to implement if you haven't tried it yet.  Go sign up if you haven't!


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