MyspaceEvery time I get on myspace to log on or reply or do anything it has errors. It is so frustrating. I'm thinking that a site that makes 25 million a month could afford more servers or programmers or whatever they need so their site works, but I am way wrong. It's been like this for awhile too. Nothing they have added in the past months has made my experience any better. I've never added myspace videos or used their IM service or what have you. Why would I use their video service when youtube is much easier and more familiar? Why hasn't google started a Gspace site to rival them? Orkut doesn't count, it's a bad name and isn't easy to spell or something you want to tell your friends about. It looks ugly from the start. It's not a site you want to join, atleast for me.

Myspace seems like it's totally out of control. They seem to be building more features onto a site that doesn't work. It needs a total overhaul from the ground up. I'm sure that won't happen any time soon. It would cut into their monthly ad revenue. I've said this for awhile, but Myspace's time has come and gone.

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