If you're looking to rotate text testimonials on your site then look no further.  I had to search for 10 minutes or more (I hate that!) to find this script .  If you're curious about the title of this post or the phrases I used to discover Merrick's post read on…

This post is old and the page linking to this script is no longer available.  I removed the link.


  • javascript testimonial slider
  • javascript testimonial slide show
  • javascript testimonial slideshow
  • javascript slide show
  • javascript testimonials
  • javascript testimonial slide
  • javascript testimonial rotator

The keywords above are the ones I used to try and find this javascript testimonial rotator (which works great btw, thanks Merrick!).  I didn't find Merrick's post until I searched for the last keyword phrase “javascript testimonial rotator”.  I could of probably included keywords for one of the many javascript libraries available, ie. mootools, jquery, yui etc. but I didn't.

It goes to show that even Google can't help you if you are using the wrong keyword phrases when you search.  It also brings up a good point on knowing exactly what keywords people use to find things because uhm, if you title your posts/pages, or use the exact phrases in your pages people use to find things you obviously get more traffic.  And that's why the title of this post is weird.  I wanted to capture people searching for all these different phrases to help them find just one page… for the Quotator as Merrick calls it.  And why you ask?  To save you the time I lost searching.

So did it work?  How'd you find this page?  Let me know in the comment area below.  Thanks!

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