I love listening to music while working but sometimes I like to switch it up a bit and listen to audio books.  I find listening to audio books fun when I have the extra attention to give.  It's been awhile since I bought any audio books and ones that I have listened to in the past are ones by people like Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson or The Dali Lama.  I like listening to intelligent people talk about complicated stuff such as consciousness and being or metaphysics.  Having moved to Norway I have to deal with things like finding and buying books in English. For one some books in english here are hard to find and two if I do have to go online to amazon to buy books it costs a lot more to ship it here.  So I saw this video on Seth Godin giving a talk to Google employees about marketing and thought it was pretty interesting.  I decided to look up his books on Amazon and found a bunch of good ones.  Well at checkout the shipping cost almost more then the books to get them here in a reasonable time so I decided to try and get them in audio versions.  I found 2 of the books I wanted to get in audio format: All Marketers Are Liars , Permission Marketing and The Big Moo.  I also stumbled onto an audio book called The Search which I will get shortly because I follow Google and have since their inception.

If you work online or on a computer for most of the day and haven't gotten into audio books I suggest giving it a try.  You can always listen on your computer or transfer the audio books to your mp3 player for when your out and about.

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