The squarish sans basic shape with straight sides, plus the lack of spurs where curves meet stems, plus rounded corners, plus exaggerated ink traps in fat uppercase characters (like M and N in MAGNETIC, above) plus a huge collection of icons.


Mirador - a highly contrasted serif family — resulting in a classy typeface of lavishly wide proportions. Suited for headlines as well as short body text


Beloved - Beloved Script font recreates the baroque spirit of Roundhand scripts, known for the modulation of a rotating pointed pen, into the ballpoint’s monolinear stroke.

Sant'Elia Script

Sant'Elia - This font family has quite a collection of OpenType features, including a set of swash forms and alternates, ligatures, old style numerals, and more.


Freeland - This brush font combines whimsy and accuracy, spontaneous energy and typographic savvy.

Amsi Pro

Amsi Pro - The Amsi font family is an ambitious interpretation of the historical model, extrapolating a dark, condensed display style into a huge family. With three widths and eight weights, from Thin to Heavy, and with Obliques, it totals 48 styles.

Neue Haas Unica

Neue Haas Unica - One of the most eagerly anticipated releases of 2015 was the Neue Haas Unica™ type family: the typeface had been unavailable for decades.


Cera - Indebted to geometric classics such as the Futura® type family, it takes the modernist model into the postmodern age with technical savvy and a healthy dose of human warmth.


Revista - This font consists of a Didone uppercase and small caps family of four weights plus italics, a stencil version of the same set, and an Inline Black weight. Revista also contains a Script subfamily that comes in five weights, from a monolinear Thin to whimsical contrast in Black, with many ligatures and alternates.


Lifehack - casual script font has a strong and amiable personality; it comes in three weights plus a more dynamic “Italic” (read: oblique) variety.


Blend - The font collection takes its cues from the visual universe of bakeries and coffeeshops, but can be used for projects as varied as branding, children’s books, wedding invitations, labels, and more.


Indie - designer Maximiliano Sproviero — a long-time fan of sign painting and hand lettering — brush scripts have become the epitome of urban hipster culture, representing the cult of the Now. He created Indie from his own hand-lettering.


Quotes - Quotes font comes in two complementing handwriting styles: Script and Caps, investing the visualization of the spoken word with variations in rhythm and energy.


Burford - The complete Burford Pro font package comes with 18 layering fonts, including base layers, top and bottom layers for shadows, decoration and 3D effects, and two sets of graphic elements

Weissenhof Grotesk

Weissenhof Grotesk - monolinear strokes and a well-balanced range of stroke thicknesses — four weights with matching italics. Among the huge array of modernist sans-serif families published the past yearIts been quite a year for MyFonts. Weve introduced the new, responsive, visual homepage. They've rewritten the More Fonts Like This feature using artificial intelligence techniques; They've built in new ways of favoriting fonts and designers. They released FontScout for iPad. They've improved our quality control, carefully selecting and coaching new type foundries. The year has also been quite remarkable for new fonts. Here is MyFonts yearly overview of most popular releases. As usual they have waited until the very last moment to put the finishing touches to this list, giving the faces released during the last months of the year a fair chance to make the cut. Unlike most other Best-of-the-Year lists, this one is based on sales. Not simply the total sales volume across the year, as that would give the oldest font families an unfair advantage. They've looked at average sales over the year and during the successful introduction period; we made sure popular genres are fairly represented; they included no more than one font family from each foundry. There you go: a type hit parade like no other.


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