Godaddy had Orange County Chopper build them a sweet chopper recently. If you haven't seen the show American Chopper then it might be something to check out if you like bikes/choppers. It's a pretty good show and is always entertaining to watch if you are into building/customizing bikes or just like them. They do amazing work and build totally customized choppers for big companies all over the US. Each episode of their show they are building a new bike for some big company. Anyway check out Godaddy's Chopper: Godaddy Chopper


I definetely like the style of the bike, but the colors,, yikes! I know it's for promotional purposes only but damn. The colors are horrible. There's a video here to check out as well as some more photos of the bike.

I wonder what Google's Chopper would look like if they had one built?

Update:  Not that this is related in any way but check out this chopper if you haven't seen it already.  It has hubless wheels!  This thing looks sick!

It's called The Hubless Monster… what do you think?

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