I've recently had the pleasure of redesigning one of the premiere Key West Vacation Rental businesses in the Florida Keys.  Key West Hideaways came to me asking for a redesign because their old site was, well out-of-date and required some much needed attention.  So you can see what I came up with below.  I think it's a big improvement over the old site.

One of the major improvements was that I built the site around wordpress so now they have a fully editable site they can update themselves.  That was something that was important for them as they need the ability to add/remove rentals when necessary.  The site although not looking like a blog does of course have a separate blog section where they can post on a regular basis.  This is important for a few reasons… one it allows them to add fresh news when needed, two, it keeps Google happy in that their site is new content to spider and three it gives website visitors new content to consume and shows that the company is active.

This is what the site looked before…

And below is their redesigned website.

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