So this outdoor lighting company is the oldest outdoor lighting in existence.  I said “Outdoor Lighting”, not lighting so don't get that confused.  And the reason I know that is because I actually worked at this company for 3 years after college.  And that company is Nightscaping.  Nightscaping was founded in 1959 by Bill Locklin and has a pretty cool story behind it.  They are now in their 50th year in business which is quite extraordinary.

I was lucky enough to work for Bill, as he has since passed away unfortunately, but I learned quite a bit from him and am very proud that I did know him and worked with him on an almost daily basis.  He invented low voltage outdoor lighting as we know it today.  Every other company has copied pretty much the majority of his work and that's why we have companies like Malibu lighting… and well I can name others but I won't.

Since it had been many years since I worked at Nightscaping I actually approached them to redesign the site.  I found that the site they had at the time wasn't doing them justice in many forms, the majority of which was in being SEO friendly.  Their navigation was holding a lot of their content back from being indexed properly.  And they had a lot of issues with html errors.  Not sure if you're a designer but it can be quite frustrating to surf the web sometimes and see so much that has to be fixed.  So that's why I contacted them and well, they were on board with my ideas and what I wanted to do.

I actually designed this earlier this year but haven't had time to blog about it yet.  So here is the finished website:

If you want to see what the site looked like before you can visit the “way back machine” if you want.  I tried posting a screenshot of it but snagit crashed along with firefox so I'm gonna hold off on that.  Anyway, it's a big improvement and now search engine's like Google can properly index their content.

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