Pepperjam Network – “The Next Generation of Affiliate Marketing” Releases PepperjamAds. PepperjamAds is a way to display affiliate ads from multiple companies in one ad block, kinda like you see in your adsense block. So now you can rotate multiple affiliate ads in the same space instead of just one.

The ads are not contextual as I was told because they don't rely on your website content to select which ads to display, you preselect the ads yourself. So you can run them along with adsense.

You simply sign up for multiple companies programs if you haven't already and click on PepperjamAds in the top menu. Well I don't have to type out how to do it when they've already created a helpful video…

You can see my PepperjamAds to the right. Super simple to set up and they rotate between 3 different companies ads I chose; text-link-ads.com, pepperjam and seomoz.

You can define how the ads look just like you do with adsense i.e. pick background, border, font colors to match your site.

I'm new to their network and just signed up because I was asked to review their service. After signing up though it only took about 5 minutes to be approved which is something I appreciate.. speed.

Their user interface once you log in is impressive. Everything is laid out very clearly.

The one thing I have a problem with is that the interface is set in reverse type, meaning white type on a black background. That's a nono in design because it's a lot harder to read. I'm sure they are going for an “edgy” look but readability is a lot more important.

Oh and they seem to have only 85 partners in their network which isn't a lot. I didn't find a whole lot to promote with this blog but I'm sure things will change. They look like they are only going to get better with time.

If you haven't already done so go check them out.

The following was a paid review.

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