I love taking photos.  Just walking around snapping shots of whatever grabs my eye.  I often take photos of reflections, graffiti, people, nature and trash.  I especially like taking photos of dilapidated signs, buildings and billboards.  I plan to start posting some of my photos here as I think this site needs some more visuals instead of just being all copy to give it some life.  Now that spring is almost here in Norway things are looking a little more bright as the sun has started to appear.  It's always nice when it's sunny and warm out to take photos.  So I plan on doing that this summer as it looks amazing here in Oslo.  On my first visit to Oslo I went out and took a bunch of photos that I put up on my Photos of Oslo blog which I use to share with my family in California.  On that page you will see some of my other photos of reflections.

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