This is off topic but probably the best thing I've found in a long time. I've been wanting to stream
media off my computer to my xbox 360 since I got it last year but haven't yet because I don't have Windows Media Center. I've been just waiting I guess and haven't put much work into finding an alternative method, till now.

I stumbled on this great article while searching Google for “play xvids on xbox 360” and it totally opened my world to a whole new entertainment experience, one that I've totally embraced,, haha.. Can you tell I'm excited?

The great folks over at have put together a great article for playing divx and xvid files on your xbox 360 from your computer. It totally opened my eyes and introduced me to Tversity.

Tversity is the media streaming software you'll be using to stream/play movies on your xbox 360. And man does it work great! I followed the article exactly as it said and I was up and streaming movies and mp3's in a snap.

Of course there are system requirements that need to be met if you want everything to work smoothly and they are pretty basic. Basically the faster your machine the better. I'm running a p4 3ghz dell with 1gb of ram and it works really well. Here are the requirements you need to meet quoted from Tversity's site:

# The minimum requirements will allow real-time transcoding of media files with bitrates up to 300-400 kbps. Higher bitrates will require faster machines.
# Media files that do not require transcoding, i.e. can be played by the media hub as is, will work well on systems meeting the minimum requirements, disregarding their bitrate, and in fact can even work on slower machines.
# Pentium 4 2.8 Ghz with support for Hyper Threading and with 512 MB of memory is recommended for real-time transcoding of standard definition video (e.g. WMV 720×480 1.5Mbps).
# Dual core or dual CPU systems with 1 Gbyte of memory are required for real-time transcoding of high definition video.
# Non real-time transcoding of any bitrate video can be done on any machine, with the speed of the machine determining the time it takes to complete the transcoding.

To be able to play/stream all your different media types you will need the codecs for each one.

Transcoding of some file formats require the installation of third party directshow filters that are compatible with TVersity. TVersity recommends:


* ffdshow – for MPEG2/4, H.264, Divx, Xvid, AAC, FLAC, Vorbis, FLV, and many more
* Haali Media Splitter – for better MP4 and H.264 support and for OGG/OGM and Matroska.
* Real Alternative – for Real audio and video.
* Quicktime Alternative – for MOV.
* MP4 Source/Splitter* – for better MOV support.
* FLV Splitter* – required for FLV playback.
* AC3 Filter – recommended for better AC3 support (in which case AC3 should be disbaled in ffdshow).

After you've installed Tversity and installed all the required codecs, hooked up your xbox to your router you'll be ready to start watching and listening to all the media on your computer without having to fork over more money to Microsoft for Media Center.

You can share whole folders in Tversity or just single files and you can even stream media to your xbox that is online… Image Feeds, Video Feeds or Audio Feeds etc. So you can listen to your favorite podcasts while lounging on the couch, browse your Flickr photos and watch Youtube videos all while relaxing. You simply have to tell Tversity where to grab the feeds and your set.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate Tversity for producing this software. As the article from Tweaktown says, once you set everything up it only takes about 10 – 15 seconds for a movie to start playing on your tv, and it plays back flawlessly. I first thought you couldn't fast forward your movie because it didn't work for me the first time, but when I tried it a second time it actually worked. I can fastforward now fine which is something I thought you couldn't do with streaming media. Again it all depends on the machine you are running.

To sum it up go get Tversity if you want to play and stream DivX, Xvid, WMV, AVI, MOV, RSS Feeds, Podcasts, MP3 Files on your xbox 360. It's freakin sweet to say the least.

Oh and Tversity is totally FREE!

Have you given Tversity a try, let me know how you like it.  It's 2011 and I'm still using it… but I'm now looking for an alternative method for movie streaming because my xbox 360 is way too loud.

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