Designing templates in Photoshop is one thing. Turning your PSD file into a template for a website is another. Now you can easily convert your PSD files into CSS/XHTML templates for regular use or for popular software scripts such as wordpress, phpbb, blogger, pligg, moveabletype and more.

W3Markup Provides:

  • Pixel-precise PSD conversion (PSD to HTML)to CSS / XHTML by hand (W3C Valid)
  • CSS / HTML implementation into skins, themes, CMS, shopping carts or other software
  • “Re-slicing” of existing sites (bring old code up-to-date)


  • AJAX, sIFR, swfIR, mootools,, jQuery, Prototype code,
  • Search engine friendly / semantic code,
  • Usability, accessibility and page weight optimization,
  • Cross Browser / Platform Compatibility { FF 1.5+, Safari 2+, IE 6+ },
  • 100% control of code style and preferences via our order form,
  • Easy online project management via our intranet

They can convert your Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks or Photoshop artwork into CSS / (X)HTML code for you! They handle it all: AJAX / JavaScript, CSS, (X)HTML, CSS drop-downs / flyouts, mouseovers, file optimization saving you time and headaches at a fair price.

They have a super easy to use order form where you can select all the options you want.

They have a ton of options available covering everything one would need. You can even deliver your website template to cells, Sony PSP, Nintendo Wii, Blackberries and other PDAs.

You'll have to visit their order form to check out all the options available to you, but if you are curious if they handle the javascript functionality as well. You can see they support every major javascript library available.


Preferred JavaScript Library

Select the JavaScript Library you prefer them to work with if your project requires advanced scripting functionality.

  • mootools
  • jQuery
  • Prototype
  • Mochikit
  • Dojo
  • None

Software Implementation

W3Markup can convert your PSD to be implemented into various blog, content management, shopping cart and portal software (scripts) packages.


  • DreamWeaver Template $39
  • Server Side Includes $19


  • Blogger $179
  • Movabletype $279
  • WordPress $279

Shopping Carts (e-commerce)

  • CubeCart $279
  • Shopify $329
  • X-Cart $329

Content Management Systems

  • Drupal $279
  • Expression Engine $279
  • Pligg $279
  • Mambo $279
  • Symphony $279
  • Textpattern $279
  • Typo3 $379


  • Joomla $279
  • SMC $279


  • phpBB $199
  • vBulletin $279


  • MySpace Profile $199
  • Email template $299

They can also convert PSD's into these Content Management Systems / Frameworks / Portals »

(starting from $400)

Apache lenya, Ariadne, Bitweaver, e107, eZPublish, CleverCOPY, CMS from Scratch, CMS Made Simple, Cofax, Collaborative Portal Server, ContentNOW, osCommerse, Dotnetnuke, Dragonfly, easy Portal, Elxis CMS, Etomite, exponent, Flux CMS, Fundanemt, fuzzlime, Geeklog, Jahia, Jaws, jLibrary, Krang, Managee, MasonCM, MDPro, Microsoft Office SharePoint, Midgard CMS, MMBase, Magento, MODx, MySource, OpenACS, OpenCMS, Ovidentia, Pheap, PHP-Fusion, PHP comasy, PHProjekt, PHPnuke, PHP Website, Pivot, Plume, PostNuke, rubrics, runcms, silverstripe, SiteFrame, SlashCode, SPIP, SyntaxCMS, TRIBIQ, ttCMS, TypoLight, V2 CMS, WebGUI, Website Baker, Xaraya, Xepient Open-Point, XOOPS, YACS, YaWPS, Virb, Zope / elevateIT / Silva

If you are looking for an easy way to have your artwork turned into a website template then look no further then  Their easy to use order form makes it a snap.

Please note prices may change at any time. Please check their site for up-to-date pricing information.

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