Why every real estate agent should make sure they aren't using frames on their website or that they don't choose a real estate design service that offers quick DIY websites built using frames.

It seems like a common occurrence that realty websites are built using frames. I see it all the time and I still see real estate website design agencies designing or offering websites that still use frames. Frames are outdated, hide your content from search engines and are just plain wrong to use.

Most agents, like most business owners don't have time to figure it out or have time to edit their websites so they go out and find the first web design company to build their site. Well let me tell you that that is a big mistake. If you ever want to rank for your real estate keywords then you need to get a website that doesn't use frames.

Framing your content is like putting all your valuable information in a vault that no one can get to. Sure your visitors can see it but search engines can't. It's hard to explain in words why search engines can't see your content and I'm not going to describe it in words. I might make a video later if you still don't understand why frames hurt your website in search engines. Then I can atleast show you why it's bad to have your website designed in such a manner.

If you are serious about your business you should go with a completely custom design. One that doesn't use frames, is designed using CSS and is XHTML valid. I can't express how important that is to where you rank in the search engines.

If you ever expect to receive qualified real estate leads from your website you need to make sure that it is optimized for search engines. That is unless you want to spend a fortune on pay per click services like adwords. Do yourself a favor,, have your website designed right and spend that pay per click money on content and a bit of good SEO. Your business will thank you for it!

If you are in need of custom, search engine friendly real estate website design then you can click that link and then contact me. I can design and optimize your website and help you achieve top rankings.

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