New website design for Blesch and Associates.I recently redesigned Blesch and Associates (a Southern California real estate agency) website so that it would be not only be better looking but follow current web standards.  So it is completely designed using css/xhtml, seo friendly and loads super fast.  The homepage alone is 150Kb smaller in size then the previous design.

That's one of the great things about using css/xhtml is that it makes your websites a lot smaller in file size.  But another great thing is that it's a 100 timess more search engine friendly.  When you take out all the regular html that makes up html based websites you not only remove a lot of the file size, but your content moves up higher on the page (in the source code) and there's not as much code to traverse through for search engine bots.

Going from regular html to css/xhtml is like moving from the stone age to the Jetsons.  If your site is not currently css/xhtml then you should consider changing it asap.

Blesch and Associates is a Southern California real estate agency offering San Bernardino real estate, as well as real estate in surrounding areas such as Redlands, Colton, Riverside and more. If you're looking for real estate website design then please contact me.

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