Some of you who are using adsense to monetize your sites may have noticed the new “advertise on this site” text links next to your Google ads. This was automatically added by Google a few months ago and I thought that it really distracted visitors even more then having just the Ads by Goooooooogle text link included. I thought since it was automatically placed on my ads that it was mandatory to display it. But guess what it's not. You can remove “advertise on this site” very easily in your adsense admin section. Just log in to your adsense account, click “my account” and look towards the bottom of the page. You'll see a section called “Onsite Advertiser Sign-Up”. Just click edit and opt out of displaying it. By removing the extra “advertise on this site” text link you might just increase your CTR or click through ratio increasing the money you earn. It's only been a day since I did this so I don't know if it increases CTR or not but I like not having to display the extra text link. I think adsense ads look way better without it. I would imagine only huge sites that get a ton of traffic would opt to display “advertise on this site” links because more people are willing to advertise on sites that are very very popular.

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