Most webmasters or graphic designers need to use icons at some point in time in their designs. Icons can be cool but sometimes finding good ones can be hard. I just stumbled across IconBuffet which offers icon sets that are rather nice. If you've been searching for the perfect icons to use then they might have what you're looking for.

There icon sets range from $19 to over $200. Of course the more expensive icons are more detailed but the cheaper ones can suffice. You will probably find that paying $239 for an icon set will pay for itself over time with multiple uses. They also offer a free icon set when you register with their site. Simply fill out their short form and click on Free Delivery in their top navigation bar and click download to download your icons. Pretty cool. Although they don't offer tons of icons you will probably find ones that you can use. View their entire list of icons sets. They also offer icons for blogs and cms as well as holiday icons.

They offer illustration type icons that look bigger then normal icons too. If your friends like icons you can send your free set to them via their site. Again, go to their Free Delivery page and click on “Deliver to a friend”.

There site also has a quite appealing design done by Fire Wheel Design. There blog contains more info of their design here.

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