Social Poster Social bookmarking is big in SEO and if you aren't spamming the social bookmark sites with your links then your missing out! Haha! But seriously SEO's are using social bookmarking to secretly bookmark their own sites along with real sites of course. This gives you a little more exposure and might even bring in some leads. It might even bring in some links… Links with Pagerank oh my!

Don't spend your time bookmarking sites seperately onto each of the social bookmarking sites you are a member of… Go here to Social Poster and post your links once to multiple bookmarking sites. 38 sites in fact. Social Poster gives you a convenient Bookmarklet to use in Firefox to easily get to.

Bookmarking your own sites definetely doesn't hurt in SEO. I actually recommend bookmarking your own sites once in awhile. Hell you spend all your time bookmarking everyone elses sites so why not yours right?

If you do SEO yourself for your own sites you are more then likely already doing this. If not you should start. Seriously. Don't go bookmarking every page of your site though. You want to be under the radar a little bit. There's nothing wrong with it. Go on.. Bookmark. See what happens.

Social Poster.

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