Some fun facts about Google.

Number of employees: 12,238

Revenue in 2006: $10.6 billion

Profit in 2006: $3.1 billion

Share of the U.S. search market: 53.7 percent

Global unique users in March: 528 million

Market capitalization: $143.5 billion

Current Stock Share price: $461.47 (kinda makes you wish you bought some shares when they opened at $83 in 2004)

Source: Google, Chronicle research

Google will take in 32.1 percent of all U.S. online ad revenues in 2007, according to eMarketer. In search advertising, the company's share will be a more daunting 75.6 percent.


Great article on Google > The first line reads “For a company that pledged to not be evil, Google makes a lot of enemies.”

As a webmaster we are pretty much slaves to the Goog and it's only gotten worse since they went public in 2004. I found a good thread titled “Today's Webmaster & Their Relationship with Google” that has some very good points. Google's control is more clear if you were around in 2001 and have watched them this whole time. As a webmaster doing SEO I've always had a love/hate relationship with Google. It seems more hate then normal lately. Not because of how my sites are treated in the serps but about some of the things they are doing. I've never liked Matt Cutts, in fact I think he's pretty lame. I don't read his blog accept for when another blogger links to one of his posts. I can't remember how I stumbled upon it but someone was talking about how you can now report other websites for text link advertising.. meaning if you see a site that looks like it's trying to gain ground in the serps by buying links you can report that site to Google. So basically Google is allowing webmasters to police the internet. Only webmasters who study SEO can spot when another site is buying text links,, because what normal internet user goes around noticing things like that? There is so much that is wrong with this it goes to show that Google can be pretty evil. It reminds me of a Neighborhood watch program, which essentially turns all it's neighbors into suspects.

So are you afraid yet?

Instead of being Anti-Google maybe its better to be Pro-Microsoft merging with Yahoo to compete. I don't want to focus anymore energy on Google. As they say, “Things grow where the attention flows”.

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